The Steele Family Foundation

April 18th, 2015

Welcome to The Steele Family Foundation

Our Objective: The Steele Family Foundation

  • To provide basic humanitarian services to the disadvantaged.
  • To further the education of economically disadvantaged children and youth.

    In 2007 we created a private charitable Canadian foundation. Our foundation receives donations from kind and generous individuals, and then distributes those funds to hands-on charities. We mainly focus on local organizations that specialize in assisting persons who struggle with poverty, homelessness and marginalization by providing them with basic necessities, education and dignity. Involvement in this type of work has been spiritually rewarding for our family and those who support our foundation.

    We always strive to strengthen our roots and extend our branches so that we may serve more in our community. For this very reason, we call upon yourself and others to browse our web site and contact us to learn more about this fulfilling work.

    Sacred Trust Project - starting 2015

    In 2015, we will be fundraising for our newest cause to build a school in South India. As part of our updated mission to further the education of economically disadvantaged children and youth, The Steele Family Foundation will continue to work with our local charities while supporting the Sacred Trust Project.
    Learn more about the Sacred Trust Project here.

    As a donor, did you know…

    The Government of Canada offers tax credits when you donate cash or goods to a registered charity. Visit for tips on how to donate wisely and give back to your country’s charities.

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