The Steele Family Foundation was registered on June 29, 2007 and was founded by Agnes Steele (May 12, 1924 - September 30, 2008), her sister Elizabeth McLaughlin (October 30, 1921 - September 27, 2012) and her son Michael Steele, and Michael's two daughters, Jennifer Steele and Amanda Steele. Philanthropy and giving back to the community are important values for the Steele family, and so The Steele Family Foundation was established as a way to continue this legacy.

Since the foundation was formally registered, it has supported a number of local grassroots causes that focus on providing basic necessities to disadvantaged or marginalized people. You can learn more about the charities that the foundation funds here. 


(May 12, 1924 - September 30, 2008) From her early Scottish decadents, Agnes Elizabeth McLaughlin (Steele), was taught to be a caring and enduring woman. Agnes's strong Christian beliefs stood by her well for over 80 years as she taught the entire Steele Family the values of being honest, humble and to treat all of God's children with the care and love they deserve. It was because of her strong Christian beliefs that Agnes requested her entire estate be put to work for the benefit of the less fortunate upon her passing. 

Agnes's commitment to help others is in fact what stimulated the start up of The Steele Family Foundation. Agnes was admired for all her hard work in both her professional life as a financial bursar as well as her work with the local church.


(October 30, 1921 - September 27, 2012) Sister to Agnes Steele and Aunt to Michael Steele, she was another strong believer in giving to those in need. She was an active donor and member in the foundation and we were so pleased to have her with us for the many years we did. May her soul rest in peace.