2010 Haitian Challenge Fundraiser

The Steele Family Foundation partnered with the Humantarian Coalition to match fundraising dollars for those affected by the recent earthquake in Haiti. A special thanks goes out to Cormark Securities in Calgary, for making a generous contribution of $10,000 dollars to the SFF Haitian Challenge, on behalf of Novus Energy.


Haitian Challenge Update:

Dear Friends,

Through our fundraising efforts over the past few weeks, we have raised a successful $20,000 for the Haiti crisis. As promised, we will double this amount, resulting in $40,000, which we will donate to the Humanitarian Coalition this week. We will meet the Government's deadline of February 12th, resulting in another doubling of funds, to produce an end result of $80,000!

Many thanks to everyone who participated and supported this challenge. We are very grateful for everything that has been donated and we hope you feel a sense of pride, as we do.

More info: Humanitarian Coalition 

Thank you for your support.