"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity" — Leo Tolstoy


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Sacred Trust is a registered charitable trust (Regd. No. 137/2004), which is a non-communal, non-governmental and non-profitable organization engaged in various development activities in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts of Tamil Nadu, South India. It was founded on October 18, 2004. 


Realization of equality, dignity and self-esteem for the less privileged and vulnerable section of the society through the process of empowerment.


Sacred Trust provides financial assistance and basic services for those in need of:

  • Education
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Housing and social work


Reverend Father S. Perianayagam, the Founder and Chairman of Sacred Trust, is a teacher by Profession. He has completed his Bachelor of Education and Master of Philosophy, and he holds two Masters degrees in English and History.

He previously held the position of Principal at a school in Dharmapuri for many years and also served in a managerial role in an orphanage. 

Through his 15 years spent as a teacher, he gained a vast amount of experience which enabled him to realize the importance of education. Many deserving children who could not afford education opened his eyes to his calling, and so Sacred Trust was established with a view to help children realize their dreams.

Through the outstanding performance of Fr. Perianayagamin the school, the Bishop of Dharmapuri entrusted him to carry out the noble task of educating poor children through formal education by building a new school in the Krishnagiri region, where there are currently no educational facilities nearby. The Bishop appointed him as the Correspondent and Principal of this school; however, the lack of funding and high cost of education in the area has stalled the construction.

In late 2013, this school project was brought to the attention of The Steele Family Foundation through the Missionaries of Charity. Learn more about the the story behind the Sacred Trust Project here.